Digital Radiography & Ultrasound

Diagnostic medicine has come a long way in the past 20 years and Riverview Animal Hospital is pleased to offer the latest technology at their fingertips. Radiography, more commonly known as x-ray, has been around for over 100 years. X-ray is the use of radioactive waves to form pictures of internal structures. Doctors in both human and animal medicine use x-ray to find fractures of the bone, tumor location, and foreign object identification and even to diagnose pneumonia and heart disease.

Digital Radiography

Riverview Animal Hospital uses digital radiography in our practice, meaning pictures are developed immediately and can be pulled up on a computer screen for examination by the doctor. There are several advantages to this type of technology including being able to zoom in and focus on the problem area, ability to show you as the pet owner exactly what is ailing your pet and finally if a specialist’s opinion is needed the images can be emailed for quick response!

Ultrasounds For Cats and Dogs

Another form of diagnostics Riverview Animal Hospital uses is ultrasound scanning of the body. Ultrasound is most commonly associated with pregnancy and babies, however ultrasound can be used to diagnose cardiovascular disease, organ size and texture, tumor identification and yes, pregnancy surveillance. Ultrasound is virtually radioactive free, using high frequency sound waves to form pictures of soft tissue organs on a screen.

Pet Digital Radiography Services Near You

Anytime your pet needs a testing procedure, all precautions are taken to keep your pet safe, calm and pain free during the testing process. For pet digital radiography services Chattanooga, TN, Make An Appointment or call us today.

Digital Imaging

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